1. Jennifer fangirls over meeting Damian Lewis who plays Sergeant Brody in Homeland

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  2. kimcoateslookingatthings:

    looking at someone taking a photo of him with a baby.

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  7. Daryl Dixon in The Walking Dead: A look ahead

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    Sons of Anarchy meme | 2 objects
    ↳ JT’s motorcycle

    "After John Teller’s accident, his Panhead sat in the garage under tarps for a few years, untouched, a mangled up mass of steel. Jax was just a teenager when his father died, and had a tough time accepting his dad being gone so Gemma let the bike sit in the garage so he could feel closer to JT. Opie, being Jax’s best friend, encouraged him to rebuild the bike. He helped him find the Panhead’s manual and parts and they’d work on it whenever they could, bonding over their love for motorcycles and aspirations of one day becoming Sons. The rebuild helped Jax mourn the loss of his dad and pulled him out of the dark. It took them three years, but when they finally finished, the Panhead looked better than new. That same day, Jax decided to pick up the prospect patch in his father’s memory."

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  9. Sons Of Anarchy - Favorite one liners [1/?]

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  10. last night you said you knew it was just a matter of time before everybody you loved was dead.

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